PHRD to revise list of essential drugs

Kathmandu, Aug 25:Primary Health Revitalization Division (PHRD) under the Department of Health Services is mulling to revise the list of essential drugs.

The government’s move came in the wake of doctors’ refusal to prescribe essential medicines provided by the government.

“The division is planning to list the medicines that are likely to be prescribed by the physicians,” Dr. Mohamad Daud, director at the PHRD said.

As the medics rarely advise the patients to buy the prescribed drugs, the government has to destroy a large amount of such medicines following their expiry annually.

The Division has planned to call the meeting of all concerned bodies regarding revision of the list of essential drugs, he said.

The Division is also likely to include additional medicines for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the revised lists, he informed.

 So far, the Health Ministry provides 70 types of medicines at free of cost through government health facilities across the country.

However, due to the inability to procure the medicines over the year, health centers across the nation are facing dearth of essential drugs.

A large numbers of complaints have been filed at the Ministry regarding shortage of medicines, especially in health posts and primary health centers.

Earlier, under the essential drug list, the government distributed 40 types of medicines which included the medicined of common disease and communicable disease.

 Last year, the government had decided to add more 30 types of medicines, including some major non communicable diseases like mental health disease, diabetes and heart disease.

 However, no newly added medicines were procured during the whole year.

As the diabetes is emerging as a major challenge worldwide, the division is supposed to add more medicines for diabetes, Dr. Daud added.

The Division has also asked the Logistic Management Division, the concerned body to procure medicines, to supply the drug soon and make available essential drugs in health institution across the nation.


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