Impeachment motion plot to shadow Madhes issues: Nepal Sadbhavana Party

Kathmandu, Oct 24: Nepal Sadbhavana Party has accused the big political parties of shadowing Madhes issues by registering impeachment motion at the Legislature-Parliament. 

Meeting of the federal working committee of the party on Monday concluded that the government was quite indifferent to the amendment of constitution for addressing Madhesi demands but making hue and cry over the impeachment. The meeting also passed the political proposal presented by party Chairman Anil Kumar Jha.

The party decided to press the Madhesi front to withdraw support to the government. The press release issued by Party Spokesperson Dr Dimple Kumari Jha further mentioned that coordination would be set up with the government to solve problems in various areas of agriculture, administration, tax, forest, and education in different districts.

Moreover, the Sadbhavana Party decided to endorse the future work plan relating to party organization and the activities carried out by the federal working committee after the sixth general assembly of the party.

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