Actor Sharma: neither superstar nor lost

Kathmandu, Nov. 20: Actor Dinesh Sharma is known as an 'evergreen hero' in the Nepalese film industry. In the perception of his fans, actor Sharma is neither a superstar nor a lost one. However, in the Nepalese cine market, perennial actor Sharma has a large number of fans. Actor Sharma's career in the cinema started with the film entitled Chatyang some 25 years ago, and since then he has played roles of hero or villain in over 200 Nepali films.

Actor Sharma has also played roles in over one and a half dozen documentaries and over a dozen TV serials focused on creating public awareness on diseases such as HIV and TB. He has visited across the country for social works and cultural programmes organized to promote local identity. Cinemas in which he played the main roles such as Chatyang (thunderstorm), Tuhuro (orphan), Dag (taboo), Aandolan (movement), Nepali Babu (Nepalese youth), Sahar (city), Dhadkan (heartbeat), Ram-Laxman ( names refer to mythological figures of the Ramayan, Hindu epic), Krodh (anger), Nikhil Dai, Santan Ko Maya (love for children) had made a good business in the cinema halls as they were played for over 51 days.

Actor Sharma also started to produce films a decade ago. He invested for the first time in the film Anya produced in the banner of RC Films. Afterwards, he made films such as Danab (monster), Mahan (the great), Ram Jane (Ram knows) in his own film production banner Swochchhanda'. His film Ram Jane is ready to be screened in the cinemas while another film Hirasat is under making.

Moreover, actor Sharma has also started film direction. He is an actor turn film-director. He started directing the film from Danab (monster), which he made from his film company Swochchhanda. During his acting career, actor Sharma has helped different actors for treatment including actor Deepak Chhetri, to whom Sharma provided one hundred five thousand rupees for treatment. It means, actor Sharma is not only actor, but also a film director, producer and social worker! 

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