Supreme Court mandamus to govt to stop rotation system in transport

Kathmandu, Dec 16: The Supreme Court has issued a mandamus in the name of the government to stop the rotation system in public transport.

      A joint bench comprising Justices Dr Ananda Mohan Bhattarai and Anil Sinha issued on Thursday the order in the name of the government to halt the rotation system seen in the public transport.

      Through the mandamus, the apex court has also ordered the government to investigate into the collection of arbitrary fare, the substandard service and irregularities among other anomalies in the public transport resulting from the rotation system.

      President of the Consumer Welfare Protection Forum and advocate Jyoti Baniya had filed a writ at the Supreme Court two years back seeking the court order to stop problems in public transport including the rotation system.

The writ petitioner had also demanded that the government constitute an investigation commission since accidents were found increasing in the transport sector due to the lack of competition and lax enforcement of transport-related laws.

      As demanded, the Supreme Court has ordered the government to form an investigation commission to identify the problems in the public transport sector including the rotation system. RSS


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