Election And The New Generation

Prem Khatry



Even the cold wave and snow of the weekend did not stir the new wind – 'the local election' - to come in  the news, after all. The recent weeks and days have news floating slowly but clearly about the local level elections. Most political parties seem to agree on the decision with the determination to participate in the elections, but there are some who may not agree either on date or on the decision. Those who may not agree have a strong desire and commitment for keeping the situation fluid and the nation in custody of uncertainty and indecision.

A vast majority of Nepalis who wanted to see the new constituion at work from Day One of its promulgation also want the election to be held on time before it is too late.  In fact, people have waited too long to see the election extravaganza, and this is already too late to celebrate democracy at it grassroot level through a fair, free and successful election. 

For the people there is every reason to rejoice over the good news floating this week. It has been actually close to 18 years since we had the general election. The two elections to the oversised and severely criticised Constituent Assembly (CA) were less of fanfare as the agenda was only one – drafting of the new constitution. Sadly enough, though, the constitution happily issued by the President last year stays in a political limbo.



Democracy at risk

            That is, the parties and leaders did not mind wasting valuable time to contemplete on planning for development of this small nation filled with innocent,  patient, reslient and responsive people. Most unfortunately, there wasn't just time to evaluate and assess the performance of the parties and their leaders on scales such as credibility, responsibility, use of time, vision and quality in their leadership. Sheer negilgence of programmes with at least 'common minimum agreement' has resulted in anarchy, disagreement and disatisfaction.

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