Agitation of health workers affects immunization programme

Mahendranagar (Dhanusha), Feb 17: National immunization programmes including feeding medicine of elephantiasis and polio drop have been affected due to agitation of health workers across the nation including Dhanusha demanding implementation of the act.

Hundreds of children have been deprived of vaccination as well as general people of rural areas from health service in the District following the agitation.

 The health workers have been staging sit-in at the District Public Health Office, Janakpur, from February 12. The health workers are keeping themselves away from work, bringing the health services to a standstill.

 The patients have been compelled to visit private clinics following the agitation.   Doctors said that there would be long-term effect in health of those children depriving from vaccine and polio drop. 

Some 200,000 children have been deprived of immunization programme due to the sit-in. The immunization programme has been affected at Zonal Hospital, Janakpur, five primary health centres, 98 health posts and among others. RSS


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