Nothing Is Impossible



Nirajan Pudasaini

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’, said Audrey Hepburn. Former South African revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela said something similar: It always seems impossible until it’s done. In our lives, we encounter many events which seemingly appear impossible. Most of these events happen as per our anticipation while scarcely few of them turn into a reality. Sometimes it is luck and sometimes it is hard work and in most cases it is combination of these both that make an impossible possible.

There is only one way to make impossible possible and it is believing on the positive outcome and working for it. If one sees the dark and accepts loss beforehand, nothing can happen and the outcomes are similar to that anticipated. Magic doesn’t exist in this 21st century, the age of high competition, and nobody else is going to do a difficult task on behalf of other. One who is in trouble needs to act himself.

Let me start with my own story. It seemed impossible for a person, who wasn’t working at Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, to win over other candidates who were serving in the department since a long time in a vacancy for a single post in an open competition. But, I had belief in myself that I can achieve that feat. Failing to grab the topmost position for three times in a row and ever increasing competition had made the situation terrible for me, but at last, my belief, my luck and my hard work got paid.

Last Thursday, the footballing world witnessed another impossible thing. In a champions league encounter, the Spanish giants FC Barcelona (FCB) was lagging behind French side PSG with four goals. The second game of the tie was to be played at Camp Nou, the stadium of FCB. The match started and Luis Suarez opened the account for Barcelona in the third minute. An own goal in the 40th minute and another goal by Leo Messi in 50th minute showed possibility for the Catalan side.

In the 62nd minute, Cavani scored for PSG and the tie appeared almost lost for FCB, who had to score three more goals in the remaining minutes. Neymar, the Brazilian, became a savior as he scored an astonishing free kick in the 88th minute and a penalty in the 91st minute. In the last minute of added time, it was Neymar again who delivered an unbelievable assist to goal scorer Sergi Roberto and Barcelona win the tie on 6-5 aggregate.

There was lots of drama, luck, hard work and belief that made the victory, once thought impossible, possible. “As long as there’s one percent chance, we’ll have 99 per cent faith,” Neymar wrote in his Instagram feed before the match.

In our lives too, many things appear impossible. But with hard work and belief, things can be made possible. For students, passing a certain subject examination might appear impossible because they are very weak on that subject and the course content is vast. With fear of the impossibility, most give up early. This is the major reason why only about one third of total examinees appear in the examination conducted by Public Service Commission.

Francis of Assisi once said: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” For achieving something unusual one needs determination to struggle and a strong promise to change his daily routine. “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,” said George Bernard Shaw.


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