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Being a Nepali cherishes a deep love and caring for the motherland no matter where one is staying and working. This sentimental attachment can work wonders when it comes to attracting investment from the non-resident Nepalis working in different parts of the globe. No doubt, the NRNs can make considerable contributions for the development of the country as they are always willing to invest here. How we can cash this potential depends on the policies the nation formulates regarding investment climate and proper facilitation. If we fail to make appropriate policies and create a conducive environment, it will be like missing a train to reach a crucial destination of development. What the nation needs is a broad perspective, futuristic vision and liberal approach to lure investment from the non-resident Nepalis. It is like a way of collecting capitals scattered all over the world and using them on the areas that have greatest potential of returns for good of the people and the nation. The Non-Resident Nepali Association acts as a unifying entity to bind all the non-resident Nepalis working abroad. This can be a right forum to mull and plan development and prosperity of the motherland with the contribution of the NRNs. In this regard, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat is right when he said that the NRNs are great human capital to help the motherland to develop and prosper. Like the remittance earning, investments from the NRNs can turn a new chapter in the development of Nepal.


Minister Mahat was addressing the Asia Pacific regional meeting of the NRNA in Kuala Lumpur the other day when he stressed that the skills, technologies and capital of the NRNs scattered across the world could prove to be a huge asset to usher in a new phase of developmental advancement. Despite being a great source of scattered capital, the NRNs have specialisations in different fields of development. Thus they can make contributions as skilled manpower and experts as well. Their know-how and expertise can be useful in the transfer of technology. The country needs to bring about policy and legal reforms in order to cash this opportunity and bring in investment from them. Potential areas need to explored where the NRNs can invest and reap returns for both the nation and the investors. Such a move can come a long way in retaining the youth force from going abroad for employment by creating a good job market within the country. At a time when the nation is moving ahead with the national mission of reconstruction in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, stopping skilled and able manpower from going abroad is important. In absence of adequate manpower within the country, we will be compelling to bring in workers from India for reconstruction works which ultimately drains the country of its cash. When development works take a pace and income opportunities are created within the country, we can hopefully check the drain of brain and skilled hands. Investments from the NRNs can make a positive change in this regard.  



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