Chinese media operate as freely as media in other countries

Beijing, Apr 25: A senior Chinese journalist has said that the Chinese media orgnaisations and journalists enjoy as much press freedom as the media houses and journalists in other countries do.

“Although image of the Chinese media is a bit different in other countries, in terms of the way they operate, Chinese media enjoy as much freedom as do the media in other countries,” Wang Dongmei, executive secretary of All China Journalists Association (ACJA), said on Tuesday, talking to a group of journalists from South Asia and South East Asia as well as Africa.

She said that the ACJA has bilateral cooperation agreements with media orgnaisations of over 60 countries.

Wang said that the Chinese government was paying due attention to development of the news media and added that the government was trying hard to ensure that every county has access to television as a source of information. “A decade ago, ensuring a radio as access to information for a household was the target.”

She said that journalist who wanted to do reporting, interviews and investigative reporting in China had to pass the annual exams for the same. She said that the exam was to keep the journalists up to date, and help polish their skills.   


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