For Sound Mental Health

 Rabin Sharma

After attending a symposium on Psychosocial and Hypnosis Counselling, targeting the trauma victims, I am now trying to convey a strong message to those who are living a hard life and do not even know what they are going through.

Nepal has one of the highest suicide rates - 7th - in the world, and majority of them are youths in the age group 15-29. A mental health victim doesn’t necessarily mean a severe case, he or she might be a friend, relative, acquaintance or yourself. We should hear them and help them expose their inner worries.

It’s unfortunate that WHO has listed Nepal as a country that gives less priority to mental issues and has recommended the Government of Nepal to assign at least 1% of the budget for mental health. Establishment of consultancies with experienced veterans in psychology, therapy centres and counselling departments must be the focal point of our national policies and legislation.

The conventional reason behind mental health is fear, fear of failure and most often over-thinking that we create of our own. If we start thinking it too deep and on a constant basis, it becomes anxiety, which will soon lead to anxiety disorder. The amazing thing is, we make the thoughts real and slowly very real, jump into the sea of anxiety, swim and we can never get out of it.

The important remedy to consider is to stop at the right point before we hit depression. According to sources, a person suffering from depression for a long time has a 70 per cent chance of committing suicide. Out of every 18 people suffering from depression, three might attempt suicide at any time if the disease is neglected.

This April, the WHO theme was “Depression, Let’s Talk”. Mental issue is an important issue that must be discussed among the youths and people. Mainly in the  context of Nepal, people hesitate to talk freely about mental complaints because the reply they get from the audience is embarrassing and demotivating. People hesitate to visit psychiatrists and even to share the problems. This leads to severity of the disease.

Over and above, everybody should try to stimulate both portions of the brain -- left and right. The left part of the mind represents intellectuality, bookishness and competencies whereas the right part represents creativity, recreational activities, sports, music and so on. The only way to live a happier life is to balance both the aspects in an effective manner. Property, money and assets are of no value if you have an unhealthy mind and are endowed with negative feelings. The ultimate solution is to destroy the thoughts, not yourself. Fight or flight, the decision is yours.

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