JH Seed to expand market in Nepal

Hefei, May 20: The Anhui Jianghuai Horticulture Seeds Company Ltd (JH seed), one of top three vegetable seeds company in China, has said that it would launch focused programmes to expand its market in Nepal.

Jack Ren, overseas sales manager of the company based in Hefei, provincial capital of Anhui province, said that the company would launch publicity campaign, training to farmers and cooperation with the government.

Commonly known as JH seed, a famous trade mark of Anhui province, the company is focused on vegetable seed product breeding, research techniques and market sales. JH seed is the first share listed Chinese vegetable seed company.

According to Jack, the company has sold over 7 tons of improved long-bean seeds in Nepal in recent years.

“We entered the overseas market in 2005. Till now, we have been first in the Indian market with regard to hot chilly seed as we sold over 2 tons in 2016 alone. Out market in Pakistan is also very good, particularly for watermelon and melon. We sold over 2.5 tons of seeds of watermelon and melon there in 2016. Similarly, our market for long-bean seed in Bangladesh is quite good as we have so far sold over 10 tons of seed there,” overseas sales manager Jack said talking with a group of journalists from South Asia and South-east Asia who visited the company.

 He said that the company has gained good markets for cucumber in Vietnam and for melon in Costa Rica.

We produce improved seeds of watermelon, melon, pumpkin, pepper, cucumber, longbean, squash, cauliflower, cherry tomato. We are focused on the vegetable seed product breeding, research techniques and market sales. In addition to these, we also do the international projects such as the International Agriculture Workshop and Overseas Research laboratory, Jack said.

He said that the total business volume of the company in 2016 was 7.3 million US dollar, of which local market was 85% and the overseas remained 15%. “Watermelon, melon, pumpkin are main business products for the domestic market in China while watermelon, melon, long-bean, pepper seeds are the main products sold in the overseas market.”


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