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Furors over the purchasing of vehicles for the President have lately permeated the social media network. So much so that one media person of Dang has recently been arraigned for writing utterly foul words against the Head of State after the issue of vehicle purchase hit headlines.


Those who criticised the move to purchase the vehicle for the President contended that the amount to be spent on the said vehicles - reportedly Rs. 160 million, is quite high for the VVIP of a country like Nepal. The amount is at par with the cost of vehicles used by the heads of states of European nations or the USA, they contended.


However, not every criticism regarding the vehicle purchase for the purpose of using to ferry the head of the state is justified. This scribe thinks that the vehicles used by the nation's presidents, prime ministers, heads of the constitutional bodies of the nation must be of high standards. These important persons do carry the nation's prestige with them. Therefore, they should also be using vehicles that must be of higher quality and standard. All the vehicles used in the cavalcade of these VVIPs should also be of decent standard.


Those who have criticised the vehicle purchase issue must think twice about any eventuality that the president's cavalcade would face during the time of her official visit. What happens when the inexpensive simple vehicles break down in the middle of her official visit to some places? The vehicle the head of the state rides must be equipped with several amenities including the bullet or even explosion proof shielding, which invariably makes such vehicles highly expensive.


The criticism of the vehicle purchase must not be praised or applauded for another reason. The President will be using the expensive vehicles while she is in office. The day she retires from the job, another president who would replace her, would be using the vehicle. In short, the vehicle would not be used by the President as her personal property.


Despite having well received logics behind the purchase of a standard high quality of the vehicle for the President, it seemed that the widespread criticism for such a purchase has sent the President's office off-guard. The office was quick to refute the report while Prime Minister himself told the Parliament that the government had not received any request from the President's office for the vehicle purchase.


Owing to the criticism in the social network sites, it is certain that the President's office and the government would think twice while buying "the highly expensive" vehicles for the President. They would not bring forth the matter related to the prices of any vehicle they would be buying in future.


On the other hand, there are several Nepali leaders and bureaucrats who do not avoid the temptation of riding posh, expensive vehicles while they are at the helm of public offices. These leaders and bureaucrats often demand nice attractive and expensive vehicles for their official use. Reports also suggest that many bureaucrats and leaders often ask the offices under their ministries and departments to provide them with such vehicles. The important projects of the country are known to have provided top bureaucrats and ministers with swanky, latest vehicles. There are several ministers and bureaucrats that have been using modern expensive vehicles provided to them by the Nepal Electricity Authority.


The craving for new expensive vehicles among the top Nepali public office holders is found to be very strong. Such craving prevalent among these people must be discouraged while the use of standard vehicles must be allowed to the VVIPs like head of the state, government and heads of the constitutional bodies because they carry with them the prestige of a nation. The vehicles they use must be of such standard that must always maintain and uphold the prestige and image of the nation.

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