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Binaya Ghimire

Understanding human nature is my subjects of interest. I also like to observe men and women. I love watching how men and women react to different situations, how they behave etc. Recently, a friend of mine asked me, “How comfortable are you with women?”

The questioner was a male, and he wanted a definite answer. On the rating scale of 1 to 5 I will like to give myself 3 when it comes to judge my comfortableness with women. I am a married man, I have many women around me as mother, wife, sisters, aunts, niece and friends. However, I don’t feel comfortable with women as I feel when I am with men.

The answer surprised my friend. “If you are not fully comfortable with women than how is that you have more female friends than the males,” he said. 

My friend’s remark surprised me. Actually, I did not believe him. However, he said that I have more female followers, friends and connections than the males on niche content sites, social blogging sites and social networking sites. Having more women around me was a coincidence. I did not choose women to be around me. 

I believe in egalitarian approach. I don’t segregate people based on their gender. There is no arguing that man and woman have equal rights, but they have their own distinct roles to perform. Men and women both work, however, women work more than men. Women not only have to manage households and take care of their children but also excel in their professional life. There is no arguing that a woman’s life is very challenging. 

Once my wife invited me to share my views on a poem written by a woman that said women work more, however, they are compensated less. “Women’s life is painful, and much harder compared to that of males,” my wife said. 

I tried to contradict with my wife because I believed we cannot generalise that women work more than men. “This may be true in Asian and African society, however, in the western world, the reality is different,” I said. My answer was lackluster. 

My father is a journalist and writer. He is also a hobbyist astrologer. Once, while reading my birth recordings based on Hindu astrology, my father suddenly remarked, “You will gain wealth from the help of opposite sex.” 

This did not come as a surprise because my wife has more stable income source than mine. “You mean my wife will earn more money,” I asked. “You will have many female associates who will help you to make money,” he clarified.

Now, this came as a surprise. I began to think about the female associates of mine. I was rather surprised when I found that in the money making chain there were many women. The person who collects money on my behalf from my clients is a woman. The person who sends me money I make on foreign soil is a woman.

Currently, I am working on a book project. And the person who awarded me the contract is a woman. I have agreed with collaborate with a writer friend, and she is a woman.  How true my father was with his astrological reading. I don’t have many female friends in my life; however, those I have are very valuable to me.


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