No To Corrupt Politicians


It is as clear as day that a commoner can’t stand a chance of winning election these days. It has been generally accepted that the election has become a costly affairs. Without money, muscle and mafias’ support, one hardly dreams of clinching a win in the poll.  The politicians never tire of regurgitating a platitude that election is the best vehicle of democracy, but they never think of making it accessible to all desirous of plunging into politics for the good cause.
It does not mean that politics is only driven by a pack of immoral people. What is true is that the number of leaders with high level of integrity is few and far between.  Even the political parties and their bosses award election tickets to those with fat purse, leaving the devoted cadres out in the cold.
In his latest confession, CPN-Maoist Centre chair Prachanda has said that election has become too expensive, and suggested that the state should fund the political parties according to the number of votes they garner in elections. The admission of a former rebel leader, who has been often dragged into various scandals and slush funds, speak volumes about how the politics has become a game of a few elites with vested interest.
In their retrospective meeting, some Maoist Centre stalwarts admitted that their party lost elections in many local units owing to lack of money. They claim that the UML and NC spent splurges and gained higher number of seats. Though such a claim does not entirely hold water, it lays bare how the so-called revolutionaries are always tempted to fall at the feet of Mammon.
Thus, there has been a growing call to send the leaders with integrity and democratic credentials to the seat of power.  However, this genuine expectation of informed and awakened citizens has been dashed after some ruling party lawmakers have sought to let even those, who have been convicted of corruption, rape and human trafficking and completed jail-term, run in the provincial and parliamentary elections.  They made such a demand while registering the amendment proposal to a Bill related to the Election of the Members of House of Representatives that is being hotly debated in the House.
The proposed Act prevents those, who have completed their jail term after being implicated in corruption, rape, human trafficking, distribution and import of illegal drugs, money-laundering, abuse of passports, kidnapping and other criminal charges, from becoming a candidate in the poll and CC members of any political party.
But, a dozen of NC lawmakers, including Radheshyam Adhikari, Ananda Dhungana and whip Ishwori Neupane have registered amendment proposals insisting that the convicts should also be given a chance to stand in the election three years after their release from the prison.  
It is bizarre that the lawmakers, who are supposed to be role model in the society, have spoken in favour of tainted politicians. Those seeking the amendment to the Bill are considered to be close to Khum Bahadur Khadka, Chiranjibi Wagle and Govinda Raj Joshi, who were implicated in financial irregularities. Khadka and Wagle had already served jail term for corruption.
Our politics has become dirty too much and it must be cleaned up. It should be free of corrupt and criminals.


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