Offline And Online Life

Gaurav Ojha

These days, hardly any aspect of our life escapes from its presence online. From the worthwhile to simply mundane, even an everyday encounter with our friends and what so ever else we do together, our life gets captured and uploaded. Hence, for most of us constantly logged online a large chunk of our life breaths in different social networking sites we have at our disposal.
It seems as if we are constantly documenting our life on various social networking sites, using location applications to show where we are right now, what are we doing with whom, what we think and how we react about all those stuff our friends and followers have posted on their walls. No doubt, our convictions, values, pictures and expressions online tend to be projected, polished and enhanced and a bit edited. After all, what we share online is selective. Therefore, the question remains as to what we are supposed to make out of those stockpiles of images posted in various social networking sites.
Here, I like to consider stockpiles of images posted in social media pages as data, pieces of information that needs our analysis, reflection and interpretation. With those stuffs that I have been uploading regularly, I can gain insights into how the world keeps on changing around me, what seems to the latest trend, how I have changed in all those years, where I am standing in comparison with my friends, and understand how people react to same situations differently.
More importantly, social networking sites help us keep a track of ourselves, where we have been this year, where our life has gone dark and where it needs more tuning, what I have found, whom I have lost, understand how people react or interact with our ideas and to find those places where the realities of our offline life disconnects with the online. Hence, rather than simply becoming either envious of what people project online, we can use what we find in social networking sites for some inspiration as well. For example, recently, we as friends were inspired to take a healthier life style after witnessing photos of one of our senor friend who lives far away from us but with extremely fit body he has recently posted on his Facebook page.
Besides, it’s apparent that not a single individual has everything perfect as projected online. Hence, don’t just use social networking to cover yourself within the piles of images by uploading or sharing one post after another that nobody cares about. Rather,  use it as a medium to keep a track of your life, to inspire yourself with what is possible in your life as you can see it in others and also use it as a mirror to see how all your posts and uploads speak to you about yourself. Use it as a medium to face-up with your life.

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