Thriving Corruption..

Bishnu Gautam

Most of the actions taken against the corrupt officials, powerful civil servants and smugglers get weakened within a few days or weeks for no apparent reason. Ultimately, many of the corrupt employees and those involved in smuggling of gold and other goods and those who have given political protection to the wrongdoers get off scot-free. Even the media that expose the corrupt activities of the officials prompting the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), the parliamentary committees and the police to take action against the wrongdoers mysteriously maintain mysterious silent.
If we look at the recent cases, we get only disappointing pictures. The media have almost stop reporting about Chuda Mani Sharma, joint-secretary at the Finance Ministry, who was nabbed by the CIAA for abusing billions of rupees of revenue and released by a court order. As suspected by many people, the case of Chuda Mani got weakened because he was reported to have a connection with powerful politicians.
Likewise, the boss of the Nepal Oil Corporation who was accused of embezzling millions of rupees while buying lands in different parts of the country once made news headlines. He was even interrogated by the parliamentary committee following the media report about his involvement in the corrupt activities. The lands purchased by the NOC to build its storage paying more than the actual prices submerged in the recent floods as it had bought the lands left by the rivers. Now we hardly get to hear about any action being taken against him. Instead, he had dared to file a case in the court against the journalist who first dared to report about his unlawful activities.
Recently, the police seized 88 kilos of gold from the city, the owners of the huge amount of gold smuggled in Nepal from China have not yet traced. Moreover, it was mysterious that the motor carrying 88 kilograms gold arrived in Kathmandu, evading several check posts from Nepal-China border to Kathmandu. Obviously, the gold was brought to Kathmandu by making a special setting all the way from Rasuwa to Kathmandu. No politician has made any comment about the seizure of gold.
It is not known what guides the government, the anti-graft bodies and even the police to be soft towards the corrupt persons and smugglers. On many occasions, the government and the politicians seem to be favouring the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. It is really bewildering when a police officer who had seized the smuggled gold got punished and the police officer who let the smugglers carry out their business are set free! Hence, the politicians should be blamed for the growing corrupt activities and increasing cases of smugglings.
When the powerful leaders in the government or the ruling parties favour the corrupt employees and politicians, the anti-graft bodies and the police fail to take stern actions against the wrongdoers. This is what we have been noticing in the recent months. Moreover, the people get shocked when a corrupt politician is rewarded instead of a jail sentence.

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