Sci-tech Development

One of the reasons of brain drain in Nepal is probably the lack of proper recognition of the young minds with remarkable talents in science and technology. Our familiar backwardness in science and technology may not be so much in absence of scientists than the lack of a fertile environment where scientific thinking can thrive and prosper. Our learning process is largely limited in book rotting and working as copy cats than generating knowledge through extensive research. Research-intensive approach of learning is yet to take roots and get policy priority. The education policy should lay appropriate focus on research based learning right from the school level where young talents are nurtured and shaped. When the students enter the college this approach should be taken to advanced level. Field works, experiments, observations, analysis and research are not given top priority by the education policy, learning institutions and teachers. We have become used to the copycat method so much so that people are doing business by preparing and selling thesis papers for students. This is an irony that is killing a right climate for research and advancing the developments in science and technology. This really discourages talented minds who have great potential to be great researchers or professors in science and technology. They are picked up by developed countries that are on talent hunt. This way, we are losing great scientists, doctors and engineers and lagging behind in development.

This is the issue where Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba dwelt on the other day when he put emphasis on the establishment of a science research laboratory of international standard in the country. The country has languished long in shadow of scientific and technological development and it is now high time this stagnation is discontinued in favour of scientific researches. For this to happen, the nation has to have good professors, well equipped modern labs as well as sound allocation of research grants and funds. Currently we live in a sad reality where the nation has to pay large amount of money to import technical experts. This loudly contradicts with the bitter fact that talented Nepali scientists have migrated in search of fertile opportunities abroad. We need scientists and skilled technical experts to carry out priority project of reconstruction in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. We are often talking about the need of modernising our agriculture which calls for adequate availability of agro scientists and technical manpower. When this crucial manpower is in deficit, we have to employ expensive foreign experts. Nepal’s economy is primarily agro based but the traditional method of tilling is not bringing desirable returns. Our agriculture cannot be modernised and commercialised until we produce enough agro scientists and farm technicians. This issue is not getting due priority. Massive investment with policy realignment alone can make a needed change in this sector.

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