Saptari dotted with parties' flags with nearing elections

Kanchanpur (Saptari), Sept 12: With the election fever in full swing, the cadres of the political parties here in Saptari are racing to demonstrate the flags of their parties in the streets and on all means of transport.

The cadres have set up dozens of flags in private residences, shops, schools, religious shrines and electric and telecommunications poles along the streets. Not only the streets, but the vehicles too are no foreigner to the frenzied enthusiasm of the political parties contesting the third phase of local level elections.

The local leaders and party cadres here are also given to using excessive number of flags in the electoral assemblies and door – to – door campaigns.

"If one party puts a flag on my rickshaw, then immediately it is followed by another party's cadres who place their own flags," rickshaw driver Bishnudev Yadav shared and added "What can I do, I can't stop them." His rickshaw now has been awarded with three different flags.

The sale of flags has surged on a dramatic footing in the district as the date of the local poll nears. The clothing business, press, tailors and painters have virtually run out of time to do anything else.

Local painter Narendra Chaudhary says he has already printed 15,000 flags of different parties and there is an order for 15,000 more, which is forcing him to work late at night.

Meanwhile, Pariyar Tailor's owner, Raju Pariyar, said he has already sewn 16,000 flags and has been asked to sew 10,000 more.

"We are working with a deadline, so I have employed all the members of my family in the business," Pariyar added. "If this had been the case with the business in other days as well we would have been blessed," the tailor went on referring to the lucrative days.

The printing of various t-shirts, caps, pamphlets, model voting paper, appeal paper and declaration papers of the parties has also surged. The hotels and restaurants too are making swift business with hungry cadres lining up for breakfast and lunch. RSS

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