Transportation resumes on regular route after construction of Belly bridge


Gaushala, Sept 13: The construction of the much – awaited Belly bridge connecting Mahottari district with Dhanusa was completed on Tuesday resuming transportation which was disrupted a month ago.

The vehicular movement remained obstructed on a regular route along the East – West highway from Bardibas' Rato bridge after its fourth pillar gave away under pressure from massive flooding on August 12.

After the bridge collapsed, transportation continued on a rugged path as vehicles forcibly travelled through the raging currents in the river.

The construction of 35 – metre long Belly bridge has been completed and the transport service has resumed from over the bridge, Area Police Office, Bardibas said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Prabin Pokharel, said the authorities are allowing only light vehicles to pass over the bridge pending a final examination by engineers to test the bridge's weight capacity. The freights and heavy vehicles are still travelling across the raging river. RSS

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