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It is a matter of concern that the spate of violent attacks targeting candidates is still continuing as the nation is heading for the second phase election of the provincial and federal assemblies which is just a week away. These are the incidents in which the disruptive elements may have tried to take advantage of liberal tendencies of security personnel intending not to affect public convenience. Putting in place too strict security measures naturally affect normal life but that may be necessary when life and property of the people are at stake. Therefore, the security agencies should leave no stone unturned to patrol, gather intelligence, search and raid suspected areas where the disruptive elements might be hiding and operating. Pre-emptive steps on the part of the security personnel can save lives, properties and boost public morale to participate in the polling process fearlessly. If we look at the pattern of bomb assaults and shooting unleashed by disruptive elements since the run up to the first phase of the election, it is obvious that the major political parties and their leaders are their target. They have not spared the leaders of both Nepali Congress and the left alliance. Separate outfits and activists may be active in the hills and the plains but they have the common goal of disrupting the elections and creating roadblock on the path of constitution implementation. As their motive goes against the commitment and aspiration of the larger masses, their terror tactic should be tolerated.


In the latest violent assault that took place in Udaypur district on Wednesday, Nepali Congress candidate Narayan Bahadur Karki was seriously wounded. The vehicle he was travelling in was blown up in a bomb blast and Karki received serious injuries. NC leaders Ramchandra Poudel and Ramsaran Mahat, Maoist leaders Barsha Man Pun and Janardan Sharma and UML leader Sherdhan Rai were earlier targeted by the assailants before the first phase election the leaders luckily escaped unhurt. In the capital valley, a bomb went off at Lagankhel of Lalitpur on Tuesday when the left alliance was holding a mass meeting nearby. On the same day, disruptive elements exploded a bomb at Tulsipur of Dang district targeting a poll mass meeting of Nepali Congress. A police personnel injured in the Dang attack died later. The government needs to take serious notice of the violent assaults targeting the candidates that started much before the first phase election and are still continuing. Security loopholes, if any, need to be ended now and the actions should focus on searching illegal arms and explosives. If the crackdown on illegal weapons and explosives was launched much earlier, such a problem would not surface during election time. The border areas need to be put under strict security surveillance to prevent the import of arms, explosives, their accessories and raw materials. The personnel of the National Investigation Department should also be directed to keep track of the armed activists targeting the candidates. This is the topmost pre-requisite to ensure a free and fearless second phase election.     


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