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Just ahead of the parliamentary elections to the centre and the provinces, the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre had taken a dramatic move to forge an electoral alliance, and unite their parties following the election. Even the leaders and functionaries from the Left Alliance were taken aback by the swift and sensational decision of their top brass, let alone the apparatchiks from the ruling Nepali Congress and its allies. Analysts were sceptics of the success of the Left Alliance, given the deep ideological and strategic differences harboured by the leaders of the new alliance. This political venture was apparently driven by a desire to secure a better position in the election. There are other rational reasons behind the development of the sudden bond between the two arch communist groups. The country has a huge following of left parties. Around two-thirds of the voters are left-leaning, but their division at the ballot box often puts them straggling behind the grand old party, the NC. So the UML and MC strongmen – KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda - made a historic U-turn to give momentum to the left unity, sensing that they were likely to pull off incredible victory through the electoral alliance in the current political milieu. The landmark unity drive followed hard on the heels of the UML’s emergence as the largest party from the local polls held in the aftermath of the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015.


Yes, the Left Alliance produced synergic effects on the voters from cross-cutting sections of life. It gained enormous traction even with the neutral voters as the alliance leaders vigorously pushed the agenda of stability and prosperity – the most sought-after things in the Nepali society. Besides, UML chair Oli’s nationalistic stand against the Indian blockade won the hearts of many Nepalis. With the combination of oodles of positive elements, the Left Alliance has succeeded to bag two-thirds of the seats in both the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) election category. The UML, the main constituent of the Left Alliance, is also leading in the vote count under the proportional representation election system. The people have pinned faith in the Left Alliance that it will keep the word its candidates made before the voters.


While speaking at a victory assembly at Gauradaha of Jhapa the other day, Oli pledged that the Left Alliance would not betray the people’s faith they have put in it. He said that this trust was for the development and prosperity of the nation, not just for winning an election and forming the government. Oli noted that the Left Alliance had no thought other than steering the nation on the path of rapid economic growth and development. He also said that the nation would get the first ever majority communists-led government, and it would lead the nation to stability, peace and affluence. It is true that the people voted for the Left Alliance because of its promise to provide stability and development. The voters were fed up with the perennial transition that has posed a stumbling block to smooth economic progress. Within a few days, the Left Alliance is supposed to take up the reins of the government, which must not hesitate to pull out all the stops to fulfill the people’s aspirations.





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