Great Unifier Of Nepal  

Political system of a country keeps changing. The force of change is so strong that nobody can turn the wheels of history backward. This is true with the political evolution of Nepal which has witnessed epoch making transformation over the centuries and decades. The chain of national events that are marked by continuous changes make the history of a nation. In the new national political scenario that has seen unprecedented transformation, we are charting out the future course of development and advancement as demanded by modern needs but we can never turn a blind eye into our history. We cannot make wise strides ahead if we are ignorant, or pretend to ignore, our glorious history. As the nation marks the 294th Prithvi Jayanti and national unity day on Thursday, it is a fitting occasion not only to pay respect to the extraordinary architect of modern Nepal but also to give a thought to his nationalistic vision and wise words of national wellbeing. This is a day when we need to make serious pledges about unity within diversity and develop a political culture that foils the design of elements that are out to bring a rift and take advantage thereof. Monarchy no longer exists in this country now but the role played by King Prithvi Narayan Shah to unify tiny principalities into a strong nation can never be underestimated. Remembering this national hero has become more meaningful in today’s context where the sense of national unity has seen a lot of turbulent times.


There have been attempts to undo the great feat achieved by the national unifier and drive dangerous wedge between diverse nationalities living in peace and harmony for centuries. Such tendencies go against the political mantra of keepinga nation marked by diversity intact and united. Prithvi Narayan Shah not only created a united and harmonious Nepal but charted out policy of governance and foreign relations in such a way that have relevance even after two and half centuries. Though making a social organisation based on caste and traditional occupation is no longer relevant, the goodwill and inter-dependence existing among different communities, religious groups and cultural followers is always desirable.Changing political events cannot obliterate historical reality regarding the creation of the nation no matter how radical the political views and ideologies. Ironically, the tradition of marking the national unity day came to an abrupt end following the political change of April 2006. Consequently, Nepal’s unifier King Prithvi Narayan Shah was no longer regarded a national hero. Such an irrational political move pleased a certain coterie of activists and political followers but hurt the sentiment of many who had deep respects for national unity and communal harmony. Parties, leaders and citizens with great love for undivided Nepal had to fight hard to put national unity day back in the calendar of national holiday and Prithvi Narayan Shah as the national hero. All the political parties of the nation should realise that they will not exist if the nation ceases to exist. Citizens will not exist as proud Nepalis if the nation falls into the hands of disintegrative and divisive forces. This is the day that helps to keep our nationalistic sentiments as steely as ever.


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