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The arrest of Dr.Govinda KC, who has been struggling to free the medical education and overall health sector of the country from existing vices, has called into called into question the efficiency of the nation's justice system.

Following a Supreme Court (SC) ruling that reinstated the former dean of the Institute of Medical Sciences (IOM) Dr.Shashi Sharma, Dr. KC was prompt to berate the court ruling. The "controversial" ruling compelled him to sit for his 14th round of hunger strike. He even went on to term several of recent Supreme Court rulings as ill-intentioned and inappropriate.

After the "angry" outbursts from the doctor, the Supreme Court hit back by issuing an arrest order for the fasting doctor's contempt of court. The police administration arrested him while he was on his fast-unto-death protest over the recent court ruling to reinstate the former dean.

During the court hearing, the seasoned campaigner Dr. KC did not bow down under the duress of the court and fear of the imprisonment. He accused the chief justice possessing "forged" education and citizenship certificates and termed many of the recent SC ruling under the chief justice as ill-intentioned that smelt of corruption.

While giving his accounts at the divisional bench of the Supreme Court, KC appeared a fearless campaigner who did not care about the "wrath of the judges who could have sent him jail for his contempt of the court."

It appeared that bench judges had actually bowed down to the high moral character and moral force this self-sacrificing senior orthopedic has exhibited from the time he launched his campaign to cleanse the coutnry's medical studies and health sector of several vices. Following the hearing, the divisional bench acquitted KC without any bail. The popularity and moral pressure the doctor had created were so huge even the judges had to find a way to release him to save the court from needless negative focus.

The arrest of Dr. KC on the other hand has put the CJ on the defensive. After the accusation of Dr. KC, the division bench judges who heard the KC's contempt of court case ordered to bring the CJ's certificates for the close scrutiny. Now, the CJ has to defend against the accusations. If he is found guilty of possessing the forged certificates, the CJ might have to face another ignominy-- he will have to quit and will have to face the legal action.

The popularity of Dr. KC, whose campaign has received wider support, can be surmised from the social media where many went to criticise the Supreme Court for issuing the arrest order against the senior orthopedic. Many netizens took a potshot at the Supreme Court and CJ for many of their recent rulings.

The Supreme Court orders on the cases belonging to Chudamani Sharma, the chief of InlandRevenue Department, the revenuepayment cases of the operators of NCell and many other have raised the heckles of several netizens. Media in the country too has criticised the court ruling on these issues. The arrest of Dr. KC gave the netizens and many other an occasion to criticise openly the recent court rulings. Many also criticised the political parties and the body that approved the names of many tainted judges to get appointment in the Supreme Court.

Many people who have closely watching the recent controversial SC rulings have hoped that the arrest of the pro-medical campaigner must prove to be a "blessing in disguise" for the nation to set the nation's justice system in right track.


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