'Constitution to be delivered on Republic Day'

Bhimduttanagar, March 11: Nepali Congress senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the new constitution will be delivered on the Republic Day which falls on May 29 this year.

Leader Deuba expressed his conviction regarding the delivery of the constitution in a press conference organized by the Press Union, Kanchanpur district today.

Deuba, also a former Prime Minister, stated, "Lately, the ruling parties and opposition parties have been holding talks in a positive manner which kindles hope for issuing constitution on the Republic Day."

He was of the opinion that the political parties should not waste any time further in the name of talks and consensus; instead, all should aspire to deliver constitution through process if consensus could not be had.

Leader Deuba argued the process of constitution drafting was being hindered by the unresolved issue of federalism due to the differences of concept on federalism among the political parties.    

"If consensus was forged among the political parties on federalism alone, the delivery of constitution would not take forever," Deuba opined.

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