Maharjan Business Associates complain of harassment against Maharjan complex construction in New Road

Kathmandu, Jan. 28: Maharjan Business Associates Sunday said that their right to property was intruded on as some people continuously harassed them and tried to disgrace them publicly.

The company is constructing a business complex dismantling the erstwhile Crystal Hotel at the eastern side of the Hanumandhok Durbar Square.

"We have followed all the legal procedures and building construction standards around the Durbar Square as well as the quake resistant measures. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office has approved the house-design," said Krishna Lal Maharjan of the company.

A group of people had organised a protest programme near the construction site, burned effigy of Maharjan brothers, filed compliant at various government agencies as well as the UNESCO Nepal Office, and now they are organising a signature campaign against the building, which is named as Maharjan Complex.

"Their activities are not only obstructing us from exercising our right to property, but it has caused lots of psychological tensions," said Maharjan.

The company is constructing the commercial complex at the cost of Rs. 2.5 billion. The building will be built as per neo-classical model which add beauty to the locality, claimed the company.

The UNESCO Nepal Office has concluded that the construction of the building will fully respect the allowable height limit and have a neo-classical style façade, matching the surroundings, in particular with the Gaddhi Baithak, and the digging of the underground was done in an area, which already mostly had an underground floor, with some additional parts necessary for the structural stability of the building.

Maharjan said that the new building will expand in 20 Ana and 40 per cent land will be left as void and circulation path.

Although the standards issued by the Department of Archaeology (DoA) for the construction at the Hanumandhoka Conservation Site allow to construct the building at its earlier height of eight storeys, the new building will have only 5-storey including the basement and will be 42 feet tall.

The erstwhile Crystal hotel was 53.3 feet tall.

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