Mobile Addiction

Bishnu Gautam

These days almost all people carry at least one mobile set with them. A few people, especially the businessmen and land brokers carry more than one mobile phone sets probably to tell a lie to their clients. There are others who carry a set to dial and receive calls and still others to take pictures, check emails and Facebook, listen to music and play games.
If you commute in public buses, you can see many people, mostly the college girls and boys, have become addicted to mobile phones. They are glued to the screens either keeping themselves busy chatting or Vibers or watching You Tube videos, listening to music, checking photos and even playing games throughout their journey.
While playing with their mobile sets, some look happy while others look sad. If you are not an addict, you will take such activities as a waste of time. On many occasions, I have noticed the passengers missing bus stops where they are supposed to get off.
About a year ago, I was returning home from Kirtipur by a Nepal Yatayat bus. A college girl sitting next to me was listening music in her mobile set closing her eyes right from the Balkhu bus stand. When the bus reached New Baneshwore, the girl asked the bus helper whether the bus had crossed Jawalakhel. Obviously, she had failed to hear the helper shout the place name Jawalakhel as she was engrossed in listening to the music. She had to return to Jawalakhel by tempo from New Baneshwore.
Recently, a school teacher shared how the children of Facebook addict parents were facing problems in completing their homework and even having peaceful sleeping. According to her, one day a seven grader girl came very late in her school. She also looked tired. “When asked reasons for the delay, she revealed a bizarre fact about the bad effect of the mobile addiction on their kids,” the teacher said.
According to her, the girl arrived late to school as she could not sleep well at night and happened to sleep till late in the morning due to her mother who continued to sing duet with her Facebook friends till 3 in the morning. Her father, a migrant worker, had sent the phone to her mother.
The poor girl sobbed while sharing her plight at home, the teacher said. There must be other school students who undergo similar ordeals at home due to their parents’ Facebook addition. Even in offices, you can see many employees spending more time in their mobile sets than in their work.
Most of us have noticed many people killing their time playing with their mobile phones throughout the day. There are a few, mostly the girls in their teens, who hardly stay away from their mobile phones 24-hours a day. Even elderly persons can be seen glued to their mobile sets throughout the day. There is a lady in my neighbourhood, who always keeps herself busy in her mobile phone from 11 am to 4 pm when her husband and son are in office and her daughter in college.

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