Chief Minister Pokhrel visits different tourism sites of Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu, Feb 20: Chief Minister of Province No 5, Shankar Pokhrel, today visited different tourism sites in Kapilvastu district. 

Chief Minister Pokhrel, who arrived here around 9:00 am, visited Tilaurakot Durbar, Nigalihawa, Nigalikot, Rajapani, Jagadishpur pond.

On the occasion, he expressed the view that he was committed to take the district towards prosperity by making a master plan.

The Chief Minister said that Kapilvastu district has the highest number of archeological sites as compared to other districts in the country so all should involve in its sustainable development.

He said, "There is possibility of developing Kapilvastu as the biggest tourism site of the country. So contribution can be made in country's economy by protecting and making proper arrangement of the area."

On the occasion, Joint-Director of Excavation, Exploration and Investigation Programme, Robin Kaninggham and former Director of Department of Archeology, Kosh Prasad Acharya, briefed the Chief Minister about the progress and achievements made so far in excavation.

Members of House of Representatives and Province Assembly of the district were in the team.

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