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Nepal's federal parliament formed in accordance with the new republican constitution is to begin its historic session today. The parliament secretariat has completed all preparations for the maiden federal assembly. Ahead of this eagerly awaited session, the Left Alliance, comprising the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre, organised a training and orientation session for its lawmakers the other day. Addressing them, Prime Minister and the UML Chair KP Sharma Oli and Maoist Centre Chairman Prachanda reminded them that Nepali people had approved their agenda of prosperity and good governance, and offered a clear mandate to govern the nation for the next five years and asked them to act for successful execution of the same. The leader duo have asked the lawmakers to perform their duties honestly and sincerely and warned them against going around ministries and departments carrying personal and partisan agenda, like making recommendations for transfer and promotion of government employees close to them. Similarly, former Speaker and UML leader Subas Chandra Nembang urged them to update themselves with parliamentary procedures and practices; he also asked them to be 'punctual' and show 'civilised manners' while in parliament.

The Left Alliance leaders' instructions to their lawmakers to discharge their duties 'responsibly' might sound peculiar to some as Nepal practised parliamentary democracy for decades before turning into a federal republic. The people's movement in 1990 did restore multiparty democracy in the country and the citizens anticipated the nation to advance on the path of development. But this long-held dream was shattered when the political parties, Nepali Congress in particular that remained in power for most of the time, disregarded the democratic practices at the cost of country and countrymen. The undemocratic behaviour of political leadership and the lawmakers rather added fuel to the armed rebellion waged by the Maoists, before they finally joined peaceful politics. Fed up with the manners of old guards, people gave a landslide victory to the Maoists in the first election to the Constituent Assembly held in 2008. However, they also failed to perform at par with people's expectations and were reduced to lowly third position in the second CA elections.

The second CA promulgated the federal republican constitution, but the countrymen continued to suffer. The Indian government that had warned the Nepali leaders to defer the promulgation of constitution or face consequences went to the extent of imposing an economic blockade. However, Nepal refused to budge, compelling India to lift the blockade after four months. That's history now. Fast forward to the first-ever federal elections; UML Chair Oli floated the idea of Left Alliance and ultimate left unity ahead of the polls to give stability to the country and deliver goods to the public and the electorate approved the idea with a clear majority. So the people have big hopes from the constituents of the Alliance, likely to get united in a matter of weeks. In case the lawmakers forget this fact, another tragedy cannot be ruled out for the country and countrymen. Hence they must pay heed to these instructions; more than that they need to pay heed to their pledge to their voters.      



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