Few exceptional contemporary female music makers

By Mannu Shahi
International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year commemorating the movement for women’s right and equality. Though history states February 28, 1909 as the very first women’s day celebration that took place in New York, March 8 was declared at the 1910 International Woman’s Conference as the official “International Woman’s Day” thereon after.
The day was encouraged and led by women from various countries of the Western world on the demand that they be given the right to vote, to hold public offices, to get chances to put out their artistic works publicly like writing stories, novels or composing music. Women also opposed against employment sex discrimination, leading strikes, marches and other protests on various dates.
And over the past few years of me continuing this column as a female music enthusiast, the articles around this day have always been concerned with women musicians, composers and performers breaking grounds in their respective genres and styles of music. So to carry on this celebration further on this take, I want to share with anyone reading this article a short introduction to a few of my favourite contemporary composers/ instrumentalists.
Mohini Dey is a jazz fusion bass player from Mumbai, India, who is known for her incredible skills and approach towards her instrument. Primarily, she was involved with Indian musicians like AR Rahaman, Ranjit Barrot, Zakir Hussian, while also collaborating with International artists like Stevie Vai, Jordan Rudess, Dave Weckl, Marco Minnemann, Guthrie Govan and the list goes on.
Born in 1996, Dey has awestruck the musical world with her phenomenal hard work and the love for her instrument, and in the present day she is considered amidst the A-list musical peers of the world. de
Sarah Longfield is a musician who is widely known for her eponymous YouTube channel. She gained popularity for her outstanding guitar and compositional skills, while also singing, arranging, drumming and covering a lot of heavy music, both as a solo artist and in collaborations with fellow YouTubers.
She is currently a Strandberg residency artist and is endorsed by the guitar company. Her solo act and her band The Fine Constant have been well acclaimed by the critics, her fans and the YouTube music world.
Another Strandberg endorsed artiste Yvette Young is an America-based Japanese musician known for her math rock music and decorative self-painted guitars. Currently the front person for her band Covet, Young has also released her solo work not just as a guitarist but also as a singer and pianist. A Fine Arts grad, Young has released several EPs with her band, as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians.
And last but not the least, Anika Niles is a German drummer who built a name for herself as a YouTube sensation for her drum videos featuring compositions and other instructional info. Her unique sound is attributed to her finesse technique, strong groove and her perspective and approach of music. She has participated in major drum festivals around the world and maintains to claim a high profile status as both a performer and educator.

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