Construction works breaching LDT regulations continue in Lumbini

Bharahawa, Mar. 14: Structures are being erected in the Lumbini garden by violating the Lumbini Master Plan.

Almost all the illegal works have been carried out in the monastic zone that spreads in an area 155 bighas of land.  

There has been a provision of giving one of the three types of plots to the nation or organistaion after its submits a proposal, including the maps of the structures they are going to erect. But the employees of the Lumbini Development Trust (LTD) have been breaching this provision by providing two or three plots to a single nation or organisation, Saroj Kumar Bhattarai, chief of the planning Department of the LDT, said.

“We have failed to fully implement the LDT regulations, and political appointment in the LDT has been the major reason for this type of irregularities," he said.

According to him, the officials who entered the LDT through political appointment have provided two to three plots to build monasteries of Thailand, Burma, China, Korea and Cambodia.

In the monastic zone where 95 per cent works of the Lumbini Master Plan has completed, only six plots are left.

"The remaining plots will be provided as per the regulations to the countries and organsiations which have not taken any plots," vice chairman of LDT Awadesh Kumar Tripathi said.

The plots will be provided on 99 years' contract, he added.

He also stressed the need for reviewing the master plan.  

By now 17 nations have built stupas, monasteries and meditation centres, reflecting their Boudhha tradition in the monastery zone.  

The zone has 42 plots of different sizes---100, 120 and 80 square metres.

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