Commerce Minister roots for import substitution for promoting export

Surkhet, April 25: Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Yadav has laid emphasis on boosting exports for import substitution. 

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Center Nepal's Karnali Provincial chapter in Surkhet today, Minister Yadav stressed on increasing the production of the small, cottage, medium scale and big industries as well as the agriculture sector for boosting up exports.

Stating that the Karnali Province has only 0.02 per cent of the total industries in the country, he said the federal government would extend full cooperation for the development of industries in this province.

Minister Yadav said that the government of the left alliance has brought the campaign of ridding the country of corruption. He added that the government has broken the syndicate system that was prevailing in the transport sector through a bold decision.

He said the national interest in the economic sector was compromised especially in the name of privatisation with the expansion of open market policy, economic liberalization and privatisation with the advent of multi-party system.

The Industry Minister further said the government has started work for operating the sick industries and a model development concept would be initiated in the industry sector through participation of the government, private sector and the general public.

"The government has adopted the policy of developing Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in every province. This would also contribute to the economic development and bringing prosperity to the country," he said.

On the topic of unification between the Uml and his party, the Maoist Center, Minister Yadav, who is also a leader of the CPN (Maoist Center), said although it takes some time for the parties with different ideologies to merge, the two parties will unified in a systematic way.

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