Marx As New God!


Gautam Buddha was an agnostic. He neither accepted the existence of God nor rejected it. He had thought that if he was involved in the debate of whether or not there is God, his philosophical and spiritual mission would have been eclipsed. So he asked his disciples to refrain themselves from this sort of metaphysical dispute.
Towards the end of his life, Buddha asked his followers not to make his statues, and stay away from idol worship. But it is a big irony that today it is Buddha’s statues that outnumber the images of any other godly figures in the world.
However, Marx’s perception of God was radical. He was a confirmed atheist. His groundbreaking philosophical doctrine – dialectical materialism – denies the existence of God. He argued that matter was primary and consciousness the secondary. Life on earth evolves out of matter without the help of any supernatural forces, he posits.
He defined God as the ‘sigh of the poor,’ and religion as ‘opium’ of masses. This bears philosophical connotations. In order to forget the day-to-day miseries and exploitation at the hands of bourgeois class, the common people surrender to God. Even in the utterances of God, they feel relief and respite. Likewise, religion serves as opium for the masses to lessen the intensity of sufferings, according to him.
The other day communist leader and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli identified himself a bona fide Marxist when he declared that there is no God but he added that if there were God, it is Marx. It is interesting interpretation of God in association with the world’s number one atheist, Marx, who was judged as the most influential thinker in the last one-thousand year’s history of mankind as survey conducted by the BBC.
Oli saw an incarnation of God in Marx for he sacrificed his entire life for the emancipation the poor and oppressed class. He further postulated that as the old Gods failed to deliver justice to the poor, Marx emerged as their new savior. He even claimed that famous scientist Albert Einstein had once said that Marx is a God. However, this scribe has not heard Einstein’s comment on Marx. This is quite new revelation about Marx.
Oli had made his remarks at a programme organised to mark the 68th anniversary of the establishment of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). The day also coincided with the birth anniversary of Lenin, who converted Russia into a Marxist state. The CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre had jointly attended the function to expedite the unity process of the two parties.
But, the MC’s cadres created uproar over a banner that missed the image of Lenin. Like religious zealots, they demanded that Lenin’s photo must be displayed on the occasion before the start of function.
Marx and Lenin’s photos were later put on the table. The two parties, which were supposed to announce merger on the very day, crossed swords over the minor technical mistake, delaying the joint function by four hours.
The nasty wrangling did not only suggest how fragile the merger process is but it also conveyed a message that the Reds revere Marx and Lenin as if they were their deities.

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