Acting is like meditating: Shrestha

Kathmandu, May 12: Prabhakar Shrestha is one of the popular names in Nepali cinema. Besides producing and acting in Nepali movies, he has also been engaged in social service. Shrestha, who tends to avoid publicity, says acting is like meditation and it should not be made a tool to gain fame.

Born in Sindhupalchowk district, Pradhan had a long tale of struggle he had in Kathmandu to establish himself in the Nepali film industry. “Everyone has their own story of struggle. Learning a lesson from my past struggle, I always like to do something new.”

In the beginning, he produced a movie Bhedigoth and later acted in Jigloo. While acting he could not also forget the role of the producer. “Being a producer myself, I am always aware how one should wear a shoe of an actor.”

Although he was not an actor by birth, he tried to hone his skill from dedication and hard work. When asked where he finds himself in the dynamic world of acting, he prefers to posit himself in the first chapter.

He has starred with actress Nandita KC in Bhanideu Na Maya Garchu and with Jiya KC in Jigloo and co-acted along with Rajesh Hamal and Dilip Rayamajhi. “Working with them, I have learnt many things. I take try to learn new things from every character and story.”

Shrestha does not want to compare himself with other actors. “I am satisfied with myself and I do not prefer to compete with other actors.”

He has not earned much from Kollywood. His films have not become boxoffice hit as he likes to make movies of alternative trend rather than pouring his sweat in mainstream movies.

In order to distinguish his films, he always seeks a new location for filming. Shrestha does not like to run for money and has no interest in cheap subject. He, however, is frustrated due to the leg-pulling practice prevalent in Nepali film industry. “By resorting to leg-pulling no one can do better,” he says.

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