'Introduce programmes in a package to increase export trade'

Kathmandu, May 15: While the government is preparing to introduce its budget for the fiscal year 2018/19, exporters have urged the government to bring programmes in a package to increase the export trade by promoting national industries.

They said that the government should introduce programmes to promote exports and enhance productivity in a package in the upcoming budget to minimise the widening trade deficit.

President of Central Carpet Industries Association Chhiring Sherpa stressed the need for introducing special programmes in a package if the government really wanted to promote exports by increasing productivity of national industries.

"We want the government to provide at least 10 per cent incentives on exports for at least five years and to provide soft loans for exports in the next budget," he told The Rising Nepal.

Likewise, he said the government should provide such facilities to the national industries because exports could not be increased without enhancing the productivity of national industries.

The production cost is very high due to the high interest rate on loans, he said, adding that competitiveness of Nepali products would be enhanced if the government provided loans and increased incentives.

He assured that the export of carpets and other products would increase two-fold in the next five years if the government managed to provide 10 per cent cash incentives and other facilities.

Stating that the local manufacturing industries were facing a shortage of skilled manpower, which affected production, he said that the government and the entrepreneurs should pay due attention to developing skilled manpower.

Exporter and president of Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA) Durga Bikram Thapa stressed the need for a specific and solid export policy to reduce the rampant trade deficit by increasing productivity and export.

“There is no specific export policy in Nepal till date. But the government and other concerned bodies are making only tall talk about increasing exports,” he said.

Likewise, the government should provide subsidies on export in line with the neighbouring countries.

“India and China are our major competitors. We are not able to compete with them due to high cost in our production. So such incentive would support to enhance our competitiveness,” he said.

Thapa said that the government should also provide subsidy for rearing mountain goats in the potential sector to make the country self-reliant in raw materials for pashmina and carpets as big amounts are spent on the import of their raw materials.

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