Anti-syndicate Operation

Bhimsen Thapaliya

Transport syndication is the by-product of political transition in Nepal that provided breeding ground for anarchy, lawlessness and crimes. It is an irony that this anomaly was continuing even in the new phase of political system where historic elections are over and new government has taken shape as per the mandate of the people. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa have taken right initiative to end this cartel but many obstacles were faced on the way. Those who were long enjoying the monopoly were not ready to give up and give in so easily.
The syndicators resorted to threats and intimidation to exert pressure on the government to backtrack from its steps. They called transportation strike across the country, a move that would paralyse daily business and the life in general. But the government tried to teach them the lesson that nobody is above the law and the nation is no longer under the clutch of anarchist forces. And the bold decision of the government to crack down on the syndicators backed by the support of the public is paying off. Those who loved to go on strike instead of serving the people were not allowed to operate their business.
It is said that the previous attempt to crack down on the transport syndicators aborted due to lenient attitude of one of the Maoist Ministers Shakti Basnet. Now Thapa, a Maoist Minister himself, has vowed to cure the disease long ailing the public transport sector. With the full support of the Prime Minister and the general public, he is attaining success and the syndicators are bowing down. It takes some time for the violators to realise the depth of their wrongdoing and it is the responsibility of the government to show that the rule of law is back after a long hiatus. Enough is enough; monopoly of a certain coterie cannot be tolerated.
Minister for Home Affairs Thapa has said that the government is committed for the rule of law and good governance but sadly admitted that the nation’s economy is controlled by a handful of smugglers. This is something that calls for stern measures on the part of the government. He also made mention of problems related to black marketing and trade and abuse of narcotic drugs demanding the attention of the government. A robust administrative mechanism needs to be put in place to battle these anomalies. Compromising with these forces amounts to betrayal to the people.
Murder of a person in connection of smuggling of gold weighing over 33 kg indicates that smugglers have a big stake in the economy just like the Home Minister has said. The smuggling case came to light only after the murder and there might be many other cases that have gone unreported. Such a possibility is always there because high level police officials are found to be involved in them. No government action should be just for public consumption. The need is to end the highhandedness of criminal elements for good.

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