Korea Fest to strengthen ties: Park

By Arun Ranjit

Kathmandu, May 26:Korean Culture week kicked off here on Friday. Inaugurating the Korean Culture Week, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nepal Park Young-silk lauded the warmly existed Nepal-Korea ties. “The love shown by the Nepalese people towards Korean music, dances, food and language is really a remarkable,” said the envoy.
Korea Festival is a collection of various cultural events including film shows, cuisine, language speaking contest and K-pop performances. Being organized annually by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kathmandu since 13 years is a public diplomacy to increase awareness about Korean wave of culture, music, dance, language with social responsibility activities. korea
With the participation of huge mass of the local people the festival has been evolving into an occasion for promoting exchange and widening the scope of mutual understanding.
Some crowd of the people at the Heritage Garden at Sanepa were seem enjoying the Korean hot-pop music flexing their bodies accordingly along with the delicious Korean foods in their mouth whereas the other crowd of youngsters were relishing with hip-hop dance performances.
Likewise, people were also busy in getting skill on Kimchi making. At the event, the winners of the Korean language speaking contest were awarded a Samsung mobile phone.
However many youngsters were seem excited to watch the movie to be screened at the QFX Hall from Saturday.
Yes, those movie fans will have an opportunity to watch five top rated popular Korean films- The Thieves, All About My Wife, My Brilliant Life, My Paparotti and The Suspect at QFX Hall at Labim Mall of Pulchowk
Like many Korean dramas, these films depict family values, humanism and perseverance. “I hope this festival will provide a better understanding about Korean culture in Nepal and extend the continuing Korea-Nepal cultural exchanges,” the South Korean Ambassador Park Young-sik said.
Due to the growing popularity of Korean drama, films and K-pops these Korean waves have been flourishing globally since 1990s.
Many Korean films have depicted underprivileged people who faced overwhelming burdens of life with feelings of frustration and eventually came to terms with the realities. Some heroes or heroines overcame all the difficulties with tough perseverance.
By screening the Korean films may provide good opportunity to understand some aspects of Korean lives and experiences and motivate viewers to look into Korea closely as these films are diverse and innovative in terms of theme and plot.
“I also hope the audience will learn the simple truism that one who fiercely fight against adverse challenges has better chance of making life successfully,” Ambassador Park said. The screenings of the films, with entry is free, will be continued till May 29.

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