‘A Woman in the Time of Blockade’

By Arun Ranjit

Film is an art, a language and a medium to educate, entertain, inform and inspire the viewers. 
It also addresses the need to grapple with the intersection of diverse races, bringing them in unity. In this regard, “A Woman in the Time of Blockade”, which is currently being screened in the QFX theaters shows the moral aspect of the Qatari people in dealing with the blockade.

It highlights the ethical side of the people of Qatar, with symbolic messages on several humanitarian cases and stories of the people of the region affected by the severing of diplomatic ties and closing off their air space and shipping lanes with Qatar by Saudi-led quartet countries since June 5, 2017. women

The movie focuses on the politically motivated blockade imposed against Qatar tells the tales of the people affected socially but not economically by the on-going blockade. It narrates how Qatar has been dealing with the siege and how the consequences are. It also shows the tolerance and patriotism of the Qatari people. 
The 90-minute feature film is based on a novel authored by Dr. Hashem Al Sayed. It is directed by Mohamed Abdullatif Hashim and the script is by Talib Al Dos.
As the feature film was produced targeting to screen to the global audience and in the international film festivals it has English subtitles too.
It features numerous Qatari actors and actresses, including Faleh Fayez, Abdullah Ghaifan, Mohammed Anwar, Mohammed Al Sayegh, Ali Al Khalaf, Abdullah Mubarak, Huda Al Maleki, Asrar Mohammed, Nada Ahmed and the child Mayasa Al Malki. 
Obviously, the film is an entertaining medium to escape people’s lives somewhere else plays an important role in shaping thoughts, emotions and attitudes toward the needs of the time. It also contributes to generate awareness on global issues, help heal the wounds caused by difficult circumstances and promote cross-cultural understanding.




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