Leaders And Their Mark Sheets

Prem Khatry


After all, a leader is a leader. And it looks like Nepal has got one very special in the face, career and vision of none other than PM Oli. This write-up is not to throw any sarcastic remark on the way the PM is functioning. The question is - will he be able to see that the system he is trying to create and make it function must function. However, there are red and plenty of yellow spots that need to be corrected. That is possible if those responsible and sitting on the top of the structural and functional pyramid see the things the way their leader, the PM, sees and wants them all to function.
The PM played a powerful teacher when he created a category placing his cabinet comrades in three different zones – green, yellow and red. He should have done it right after he rose to power bidding goodbye to his even more powerful predecessor PM Deuba. Deuba is powerful mostly within his party. This remains his grazing ground. As a PM, his assessment will be done by experts and historians in due course of time. Despite being criticised by opponents, PM Oli’s dream projects are now turning into realities and his critics will have to search for other potholes to focus on.
The new grading system the PM designed to assess the ministries is scientific and realistic to say the least. Five months of assessment has given the PM the feeling that not everything is right and some of the ministers have lagging behind in terms of result. One cannot argue more than Minister Pandit could not break his own record or couldn’t even remain where he was before in terms of showing guts in dealing with the highly adamant employees at a time when the Pradesh governments faced the stark reality of manpower shortage. There is no or very little digital system to back up their work so for the desk work employees are necessary.
Transport system was and has been one very dark spot, perhaps darkest in the contemporary history. The ministers and department heads have been widely criticised over a long time now. There are myriads of dark holes in the entire system. It took a long time to keep old vehicles out of service. Many problems have been creating the registration and renewal system a red zone also. Accidents and deaths are common. Even the tippers in recent years ran amok on the streets and destroyed many families, killing their brilliant kids in the prime years of career development. They would knock down the victim first and back up to crush them. Same heartbreaking style worked at all accident spots.
After a long time, the government decided to dismantle the powerful ‘syndicate’ system with its deep roots and powerful wings. There is a full-fledged government of its own with its laws, a huge financial system and very powerful ‘foreign’ relation extending to host of ministries and departments. This awful and yet the concerned ministry is happy to transfer responsible persons and prolong the process of the declared liquidation of the syndicate. The Home Minister seems pretty much up and ready to see that there is a change in the syndicate and that it will not raise its head again. The mark the transport minister received from the PM is happy news for the people.
A big congratulation and ‘kudos’ to the Education Minister Mr Pokhrel. Finally, the voice of Dr KC has been heard. Whatever the blame thrust on the lone and according to a leader a ‘lunatic’ Dr KC, he proved himself not a lone person but a huge crowd. For a TU pensioner like this scribe, what will be the happiest moment than to see the corrupt TU officials who will/can now be booked for all the wrongdoings that is now the TU? At least before the three last VCs, the university looked better, different. That is what the professors and the staff strongly feel. It will take two to three more VCs in the time to come, if they try hard to bring the university back to the right track.
In all these small stories, the theme is One: Leadership is what matters in all spheres of our life: From the family to the State, from the farm to the factories, and from the cadre on the street to the Chief at the Center. How would you, otherwise, prevail and demonstrate your genius and make things happen where the world is watching you? In the cases mentioned the PM was obviously watching all that was happening around him and nobody seemed to see there were pairs of eyes on the look at what they were up to. They had forgotten the oath they had taken from the President of the country who is equally concerned about the lags in many spheres of life. The result was clear: Not all the ministers passed. Some did with appreciable grade; some secured low grade point, and those who were losing public trust flunked. Unlike university exams, there is no special window to register their complaint for rechecking the grade; you either pass with low to high grade or you fail.
There is one more issue that needs correction and urgent attention. The district of Saptari is one of the rice bowls of the Terai. But the 33,000 acre of farmland was desperate for want of irrigation this season. The Chandra Nahar (canal) suffered from many problems over the years. The concerned authorities didn’t maintain it for a long time. There is encroachment on its banks both sides and this caused block of water flow. Party politics caused this damage on the canal at a time when there is shortage of irrigation water this year. Who is the culprit? Who will receive proper evaluation of the canal situation? What will happen to the enemy of the farmers?

Finally, this is the PM’s evaluation and grading time. Those who have the responsibility of evaluating the grade of thousands of students are on the dock themselves. It is amusing to notice that their books are now opening up for us all to read. Since the concerned authorities like the PM himself are preparing their marks sheets, the scribe doesn’t bother. For Gods’ shake, he wishes them well in another field of work, not agriculture and transportation. 

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