Bajracharya’s ‘Man Magan’ in Nepal Bhasa

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Aug 8: Famous Nepali singer Deepak Bajracharya’s latest song ‘Man Magan’ has already become a big hit. As its popularity grew, musician Bajracharya launched the Nepal Bhasa version of Man Magan on Monday.
“I am planning to remake this song in different languages, and I started from my mother tongue, Nepal Bhasa,” he said. “My wish is to have the world dance to the tune of Nepali music.”
In this song, he has used original ethnic Nepal musical instruments.
So also for the promotion of Nepali music and instruments, we are remaking this song in foreign languages, he added.
I want to show unique Nepali musical instruments in the international music market. My aim is to preserve and promote Nepali ethnic instruments, music and culture through my songs.
For the last eight years, singer Bajracharya has been using Nepali ethnic music instruments in his songs. He also remixed his evergreen numbers Kali Kali, O Amira, Mayako Dorile with traditional Nepal musical instruments.
In Man Magan, we find the fusion of Nepali traditional instruments. Man Magan’s music video has also been made in the Newari tradition. In this video, we get to see traditional festivals, jatras such as the Kumari Jatra, Pulu kishi Jatra, Lakhe dance and Dhime dance.
Singer Bajracharya, with his band Cream of Rhythm, is going on a World Music tour on Thursday. He said that he would try to sing Man Magan in foreign versions on that tour. He will perform with his band in the USA, Norway, Germany, Finland, Korea, Australia and Japan during the world tour.
Singer Bajracharya informed that after Nepal Bhasa, Man Magan would also be launched in the Hindi version soon. The Hindi version of Man Magan is ready to come out. India’s reknowned music company DG Tune is the promotional partner of Man Mangan’s Hindi version. It is said that DG Tune has allocated Rs.1 crore for the promotion of this song.
After its release in Hindi, we shall see Nepal’s traditional musical instruments - the Dhime, Sarangi, Bhusya -- in Indian music, he said proudly.
Singer Bajracharya has signed a five-year deal with DG Tune. According to this deal, singer Bajracharya will have to sing Hindi songs also.

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