Ensuring Rule Of Law

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Baskota has outlined the major performance of the government in the past six months putting emphasis on the efforts to restore the rule of law. Nepali people have gone through a bitter phase of insecurity and uncertainty marked by lawlessness and impunity. That period of political transition is now over but its hangover remnants may still be there though in its somewhat suppressed form. So, one of the challenges facing the government is to deal with the violent, anarchic and criminal forces that is always in look out for fertile breeding ground to raise head and accomplish its nefarious missions. The goal of these elements is to take law into their hands and challenge the law of the land. They are the offshoot of political ambiguities and unclear security policies of the state. They exist in rebellious political groups, outlawed criminal outfits and innumerable other groupings created for business interests. The government has rightly concluded that security, peace, development and prosperity are not possible without winning over these forces for good. Minister Baskota has said that the government remains committed to its pledge made to the people about social transformation, economic prosperity and justice. Government functioning will go haywire without concrete and unambiguous working guidelines. It will only fuel public frustration and grievances if it starts working on whims and narrow partisan interests. The line between right and wrong will not blur if the ruling political forces heed the aspirations of the common masses.

When the rule of law is weak, syndicates and cartels thrive for commercial interests and business profits without considering the interests of the people. Transport syndicates and the network of gold smugglers are some of the examples. The government has rightly launched its crackdown against these forces but there is a long way to go before these forces are rooted out completely. Syndication is ruling the roost in almost every sector of the society and Minister Baskota has admitted that ‘we have not yet uprooted the syndicate system completely’. It requires steely determination and political willpower on the part of the government to eliminate the anarchic and criminal forces and establish the rule of law. A just society provides opportunity of prosperity for every citizen but when such opportunity becomes the privilege of selected few, it causes public wrath. People in turn will raise question on the validity of the system itself. Recognising the role of communication and information technology in development, the government is going to introduce some measures in the mass communication sector, said Minister Baskota who is also spokesperson of the government. The present era is said to be the era of information and those with easy and prompt access to information comes out a winner. We fail in our development efforts if we have no easy access to information tools. However, if we fail to put in place proper regulations and control measures, access to information can also be misused. This requires provisions to make everyone responsible while handling information.

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