Let The People Decide

D.M. Thapa

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli now seems to be a handy punching bag for the media, rights activists and specially the Nepali Congress which is still licking its wounds in its failure in the last elections.
In recent days comments are being made by intellectuals in the media of how dismally Oli has failed to do anything in the six months since he became Prime Minister. Well, this author cannot say how much Oli has achieved as Prime Minister, or how much he has failed, but six months is a short time to judge any government head. Partisan criticism just for the sake of blaming one individual or the other is actually not good for the country as a whole.

How much did Donald Trump achieve or his predecessors like Barak Obama did in their few months in office? How much has neighbouring India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi done since he came to power? Can we judge Imran Khan, not only a good cricket player, but also an honest leader in corrupt Pakistan now? We must have the patience to give these individuals some time including, of course, our own Prime Minister KP Oli who seems keen on doing something to make the nation more prosperous.
Why don’t the media and also the Nepali Congress ask what the former leaders of this nation, including the kings and also late Girija Prasad Koirala did to bring happiness and prosperity for the general citizens of this country? There is a deafening silence on this aspect. I personally know that most of the so-called intellectuals and media persons were recruited by Koirala, his henchmen and other political party leaders. So they probably feel they have a gratitude to pay back to whoever supported them. Perhaps this is the reason why they keep silent on important issues like providing basic needs of the people and only blame leaders whom they have been tutored to not like.
Yes, we have to admit that PM Oli is also good only in rhetoric and he has made tall promises, though the people are suffering from many problems. But we should also not forget that he has not come with a magic wand to wipe away the problems created by others before him. Maybe many believe that the Nepali Congress is the only democratic party in Nepal, as they have been groomed by such thoughts by leaders of the past. But who will replace Oli, again incompetennt leaders like Sher Bahadur Deuba or Ram Chandra Poudel? This is not a blame game, but what have the leaders of the major parties actually done for the prosperity of Nepal and the Nepalese, when they were in power themselves?
The current Madhesi leaders also belonged to one party or the other, including Mahantha Thakur who became minister many times under late Girija Prasad Koirala. But they are harping on the rights of the people in the Terai region only for political gains. What did they do for these people who are also Nepalese citizens, but who were sidelined for a long time when they enjoyed all the benefits of whatever posts they were in?
Actually if one looks deeply into the mess Nepal is going through there seems little hope, but some real patriots are still staying and holding on instead of running off to the US, the United Kingdom or other foreign lands to enjoy the facilities they find in such countries. They should not forget the immense hard work done by the people of these developed countries and the vision shown by the leaders there and they should also not forget their own country Nepal just because they are living a comfortable life outside.
With foreign interference in virtually every sector and willing politicians and the so-called intellectuals always alert to help foreigners just for petty interests, the scenario is even more discouraging. So just one Prime Minister cannot be blamed though he has completed only six months in office.
Youths are flying abroad, no matter which destination they seek and according to reports, villages either in the hills or in the plains are virtually empty of the real manpower the nation needs. This is a despicable situation and the political leaders and very educated intellectuals must seriously think about it. The rights activists cannot also escape by only protesting about whether they can protest at the Maitighar Mandala or not, when hundreds of youths have died in foreign lands doing dangerous and dirty work, as there is little opportunity for them in their own country in spite of the big talks we hear at seminars and conferences.
Talk the talk but also walk the talk and work in providing employment to the youths, who are working for the development of different countries, but have not been able to contribute anything except remittances to this impoverished nation. Why don’t the so-called democrats, rights activists and also the “free media” talk of this problem? In fact they encourage youths to go abroad just to tax them for their money.
So in this circumstance we must be happy just to have a stable government which is of much importance. It was not that long time ago when there were vulnerable governments and politicians changed their support for one prime minister or the other for personal benefits. That was when real chaos began and almost hated leaders of the Panchayat era like Surya Bahadur Thapa and Lokendra Bahadur Chand and later Sher Bahadur Deuba of the Nepali Congress also became prime ministers and they could not even hold routine elections. This happened after the then UML government was toppled and no single party had any majority in the parliament.

Such a situation should not be developed again and the Nepali people should not go through another such political scenario. Whether this government performs well or not, we should not make judgments right away. Judgment time should come during the next elections and the people will decide who they prefer to lead the country. Let the people decide on these things, and not the corrupt leaders or activists funded by outsiders.


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