Prez. Yadav wishes for timely constitution

Birgunj, April 2: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has wished for a new constitution on the basis of consensus among the political parties.

Addressing a programme organized on the occasion of 2614th Memorial Day of Lord Mahabir here in Birgunj today, President Yadav said that he wished on the behalf of Nepali people for timely constitution to lead the nation to the path of progress, peace and prosperity.  

He added that consensus was needed to issue the constitution even to institutionalize the achievements of different peoples' movement, while urging all to think about the nation first than other identities by coming out of the narrow boundary of ethnicity, regionalism and party doctrines. The President also pointed out the need of paving a road to progress, peace, social harmony and development for economic progress as the neighboring countries India and China.

He shared that the proponent of Jain religion Lord Mahabir had led the then society on the path to truth, non-violence for the humanitarian purposes at a time when the then society was marred by violence, animal sacrifice and discrimination.

President Yadav further said that we have the glory of Lord Buddha who was born in Nepal and the religious and cultural influence of Lord Mahabir who led the society to peace, non violence, honesty and social harmony.

President Yadav added that each one should respect other's feelings otherwise full implementation of the principle of non-violence would not be possible. He also added that the arrival of traveler Acharya Mahashraman would promote peace in the post-conflict Nepal and would also open a new door for religious tourism in the country.

Similarly, Acharya Mahashraman said that peace, prosperity, non-violence and ethics were inevitable means for social and national progress.

The non-violence rally led by Mahashraman arrived Birgunj on 31 April from India. The rally will reach Kathmandu on Baishkh 7 after passing through Hetauda, Daman, Palung, Nubishe and Thankot. 

The rally would reach Bhutan through Biratnagar, India after returning from Kathmandu. The rally would complete about 10,000 kilometres in different places in Nepal, India and Bhutan, said Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Sewa Birgunj chair Ashok Vaidya.

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