Tharu museum awaits protection

Ghorahi, Oct 9: Country's sole Tharu museum at Panaura of Ghorahi in Dang is awaiting proper care and protection. The museum reflecting the culture and identity of the Tharu community was established some eight years ago. The dispute over who would take the responsibility of its protection is the reason behind pushing this cultural heritage into a state of negligence, the stakeholders concerned said. 

The museum remained operational in the initial years of its establishment. It now remains completely closed, museum protection committee member and journalist Santosh Dahit said.

People from inside and outside the country would arrive here to visit the museum which has remained almost shut for around the past three years, sending back people coming here to observe it. The long closure has started inflecting damages on museum artifacts and other objects related with the Tharu ancient culture and tradition, as Dahit said.

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