Learning To Learn

Binaya Ghimire

We all have natural learning qualities. Not just we human beings, animals and plants also learn in their own way. Birds learn to fly, tigers learn to hunt, crocodiles learn to prey; seeds learn to sprout, saplings learn to tilt towards the sunlight, creepers learn to find support. What separates human learning and animal/plant learning is the former can learn how to learn and the latter only have learning skills of natural instinct.
We are gifted by the nature with learning abilities. However, if we do not acquire learning skills, our knowledge will be limited. For example, if you do not learn to use a computer, you will be left out from the immense knowledge available in the World Wide Web.
One of the most common methods to learn is through classroom learning. Classroom learning refers to attending school, college and training centers for formal education. Formal education is the most popular learning method.
You can get a formal education by attending schools and colleges. However, if you cannot attend schools or colleges, you can still learn through distance education. Distance education refers to learning from home, which is getting very popular these days because it is one of the best alternatives to classroom learning.
In recent times, online training and education are becoming very popular. You can enroll in online schools, universities, even training institutes to get a degree or diploma online. Online education is also a kind of distance learning. Only difference is for online education you have to attend online class, participate in discussions or attend a lecture online and take exams online. Distance education can also be attended online. However, it is generally attended through correspondence course.
In order to learn better, you need to quip yourself with learning skills. Acronyms and mnemonic devices help in better learning. Acronyms and mnemonic devices are tricks to memorise information and facts. By using these devices, you will be able to recall what you have learned.
Brain mapping is also a great learning technique. It is a way to get an overview of something. It will help you to see the connections between different ideas and utilise brainstorming techniques.
You can also learn from symbolism and semiotics. If you have an understanding of the symbolism and semiotics, it will not only help in the learning process, but also assist you to retain information efficiently.
Another good way to learn is by mapping your task flow. Generally speaking, learning requires acquiring knowledge in a specific sequence. If you can organise your thoughts on what needs to be done, you can prepare yourself to complete the tasks and know “how to learn.”
Scientists and educationists have developed super learning methods. If you want to use these super learning methods, do some research and use the one that is most appropriate for you. One of the super learning methods is learning through binaural beats. In this learning method, two different frequencies are played simultaneously to produce different feelings including alertness and concentration.
In order to learn, you need to study. However, you should also have a right approach to studying. You need to acquire smart studying techniques. One of the smart leaning techniques is holistic approach. You can learn better through a holistic approach. Holistic thinking is the most advanced learning technique.




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