Halt in two wheeler registration in Bagmati hits sales

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Oct. 12: As the government stopped registering two wheelers in Bagmati zone in the absence of legal provisions of registering three digits on the number plate, distributors and dealers of different brands of these vehicles have started registering them in Narayani zone for sale.
After the completion of two-digit lot of registration number plates in Bagmati, the transportation office has stopped registering new motorbikes from the last week.
According to the Department of Transport Management, there is a legal provision of registering the two wheelers only up to two-digit lots. After completing up to 99 lots, the registration was stopped.
Despite the alternative management, the volume of sales have declined due to the stoppage of registration in Bagmati zone, said Dayaram Neupane, sales manager at Syakar Trading company, the distributor of Honda brand two wheelers in Nepal.
He said that his company promised with the buyers that the registration bearing the number plate of Narayani Zone would be changed into Bagmati zone once the government takes a decision to allow three-digit number plates.
He said that the festival season was the high time for the sale of the two wheelers in the country, the stoppage in the registration had adversely affected the sales of bikes.
“Although we have managed to supply the two wheelers registered in Narayani zone, majority of possible buyers have been waiting the government decision to open up the registration in Bagmati,” he said.
Neupane said that the distributors of the two-wheelers of other brands were also selling vehicles registering them in Narayani zone.
According to previous years’ data, around one third of the total two wheelers purchased in a year used to be sold during the festival season.
Gokarna Prasad Upadhaya, information officer at the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), said that the department would restart the registration of two-wheelers in Bagmati soon after the cabinet takes the decision with the provision of registering with three-digit lot numbers.
“The proposal has been sent to the cabinet to make the required legal provision, the registration would restart soon after the cabinet takes decision on it,” he said. 

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