People-police Collaboration

Nepal endured political instability for many years. For a decade, it was a theatre of a series of gory events. Chaos and lawlessness led to the social disruption. This turned the country into a breeding ground for the birth of countless social, political and cultural anomalies. Instability weakened the state mechanisms responsible to enforce law and deliver justice to the citizens. In the absence of order, society tends to drift into negative path. But the politics of violence dealt even a bigger blow to the society. It philosophised violence. Its repercussions are very dangerous. Cases of murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and browbeating increased dramatically. The nation, known for its peace and harmony, was suddenly thrust into battleground of bellicose events. This belittled the value of human beings as many innocent people lost their lives without their fault. Development, morality and confidence declined beyond imagination. Mistrust, indiscipline and hostility gripped the society, giving rise to the pernicious psychology of affected people. The destructive psyche and after-effects linger even after the given society sees stability and enters the predictable political course.

Nepal has, of course, embarked on the robust path of stability and democratisation following the historic elections. The country has got a strong government capable of executing popular mandate. Still fallouts of transition are there to pester the people. Events of violence and crimes continue to nag the commoners. For example, hundreds of rape cases occurred in the last seven months with the perpetrators walking away scot-free. This demands better cooperation between the people and law-enforcing agencies. No doubt there needs to be effective, efficient and honest police force to check crimes and evils. But the security personnel alone can’t ensure the total security and order. Every citizen should be responsible for the social peace in the country. Perhaps because of this reason, the citizens have been called ‘police officers without uniforms.’ Without the strong public support, the cops are unlikely to maintain law and order. In order to muster the public backing in establishing secure and free society, the Home Ministry the other day launched the Community-Police Partnership campaign across the country. It is very appreciative move to curb social evils and crimes, including rape and murder of women. The campaign will cover 753 local body units, 6,743 ward offices, 2,545 police units, around 36,000 private and community schools and 10,000 different organisations. The drive will bring the police and elected representatives closer to enhance social harmony and collaboration.

Inaugurating the launch of campaign, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa noted that durable peace was possible only when the public and community supported Nepal Police, and Nepal Police also discharged their duty responsibly, honestly and transparently. According to him, this partnership will play an effective role in doing away with harmful discrepancies. This will bring an end to pervasive corruption, hooliganism, smuggling, human trafficking and fraud practices, he said. Actually, the public support greatly helps the cops to nab and punish the dons, corrupt persons and swindlers considered the virus of development and order. The Nepal Police should be able to take the various stakeholders such as local political parties, civil society members, media and business community into confidence to make the campaign a success. It is the mutual trust and understanding that bolsters the bond between the people and police, thereby realising the pro-people reformative initiative of Nepal Police.


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