Call to free Kamlari

Gorahi, Nov. 29: Chief Minister of Province No. 5 Shankar Pokharel has been urged to free 79 Kamlari girls working as the domestic workers in five Tarai districts. Stakeholders made such appeal to Chief Minister Pokharel during the latter’s recent visit to Dang district.

Despite the government’s announcement in 2013 to abolish Kamlari practice, a total of 79 girls from Tharu community are still obliged to serve as Kamlari for lack of implementation of the government announcement. The girls from Tharu community are still serving as Kamlari in Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts.

Chairperson of Freed Kamlari Development Forum Sunita Chaudhary informed the Chief Minister about the status of girls who are still serving as Kamlari even today. According to Chaudhary, six girls in Kanchanpur, 22 in Kailali, 29 in Bardiya, four in Banke and 18 girls in Dang from Tharu community are serving as domestic workers to the landlords.

Chaudhary also asked Chief Minister Pokharel to immediately rescue those missing Kamlari girls, ensure justice to those who have given unintended births from the sexual exploitation of landlords and bring the perpetrators to book for causing domestic and gender-based violence against those girls.

Receiving the memo submitted from the Forum, Chief Minister Pokharel pledged to take initiatives to address the problems. (RSS)


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