Ensure Climate Justice

Relation between human and nature is unique as well as paradoxical. In the beginning of evolution, humans were wild and brutish, and survived amidst harsh and bounty of nature. As time passed by, they developed their brains and physics mesmerisingly, proving themselves superior to other species and animals. Not only this, they achieved feat in taming and exploiting nature. With unprecedented development of science, technology and knowledge in all frontiers of human activities, they largely created a modern, prosperous and luxurious world though they are yet to score all accomplishments. Those achievements are beyond imagination compared to the primitive life of their forebears. But all this brave new world was erected at the cost of nature, damaging its fragile ecology. At the heart of the stunning human triumph lies the gross violation law of nature. Now it appears that humans have crossed red line, inviting the wrath of nature. In the scientific parlance, the fury of nature is generally known climate change- abnormal rise of temperature of earth, which threatens the existence of the residents of earth. It has triggered a series of natural disasters beyond human control – unusual rise of sea level, burst of glacial lakes, floods, drought, cyclones, erratic rainfall and so on.

The numerous studies have proved that climate change is real, not a hoax. Virtually, all nations have accepted this inconvenient truth barring a few exceptions, and are being nudged to take steps to reduce the dangers of climate change. Still many nations are in quandary – the rich nations have burnt the fossil fuels to boost their indsutrialisation drive past and live a lavish life now but it is the poor nations that are suffering from their short-sighted acts. The small and least-developed nations have been emphatically raising their concerns at different platforms. They are again joining hands to remind the developed nations to ensure climate justice and work honestly to avert the climate tragedy at the 24th Conference of Parties to the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) that is underway in Katowice of Poland. Presenting Nepal’s concerns, President Bidya Devi Bhandari rightly noted that it had been bearing the brunt of disproportionate impacts of climate change despite being a low carbon-emitting country. “We feel as if we have been penalised for the mistakes we never made. I would like to reiterate that it is incumbent upon the international community to ensure that justice is done,” she said.

President Bhandari has successfully drawn the attention of the international community towards the plight that Nepal is facing owing to the adverse impacts of climate change. She said there was a surge in soil-erosion and landslides in the hills while main productive land of Terai was frequently hit hard by floods and inundation. Himalayan glaciers are melting; snow-capped mountains are becoming dark and dull; the possibility of glacial lake outbursts is high; and the river-basin system is adversely affected. As Nepal endures the negative consequences of global warming, she has drawn the global attention for steps to avert the disastrous consequences. Nepal is committed to the 2015 Paris Agreement that obliges the nations to maintain the threshold of 2 degree Celsius by drastically cutting the greenhouse carbon emissions. It has implemented National and Local Adaptation Plans of Action and the President Chure Conservation Programme to this end. The country has invested in enhancing renewable energy and electric-mobility. Let the world know Nepal’s pains as well as the efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and extend support it needs as per the principle of climate justice.


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