Private forests promoting greenery in Dang

Ghorahi, Dec 5: Shreelochan Lamichhane of Hapur-5 is locally known to be a practitioner of private forest. He has planted saplings of different species in his 101-kattha land in Ghorahi sub-metropolis-10, Narayanpur.

Taking approval from the District Forest Office, Lamichhane has planted saplings in his private land contributing to the promotion of greenery.

Likewise, Prem Raj Lohoni of Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city-16 has also developed a private forest in his land. He had transformed his 136-kathha land to private forest.

Sakuntala Shrestha of Ghorahi-5, Dharna also has the similar story. She has developed private forest in her 57-kathha land.

Bimal Khatry of Ghorahi-14 also has cultivated private forest in his 80-kaththa land in Tulsipur sub-metropolis.

Like this, as many as 300 people of the district have grown private forests on their own land in different parts of the district.

According to the District Forest Office data, individuals have grown private forests in the range of land area from one to 250 kathha.

Roughly private forests have covered 4,089 kathha or 138 hectares of private land in the district.  (RSS)

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