PM’s Eyes, Ear And Grain Of Truth

Prem Khatry


In today’s world, no state can survive and thrive on its own. There are codes of conduct, decorum and demeanour to be followed not only inside the country but also to maintain these relations with others. Individuals holding high chairs and big responsibilities are the icons of the country and their behaviors are worth emulation and appreciation. This applies to all nations, all governments.

In our own case, it is but natural the PM cannot see everything himself. He has to use someone’s eyes but must keep his ears open and alert all the time for true reporting. Last week when a PM aide ignored the main issue raised by the senior and high ranking leaders regarding the Asia Pacific Conference held in Kathmandu a while ago, one of PM Oli’s aides and advisors directed his a bit lowly remark to a senior comrade. The latter immediately reacted with sharp comments.
A non-partisan person like this writer would always ask – knowing that there are cameras and recorders around such important meeting why wouldn’t leaders stay calm and not pass sarcastic remarks on their own colleagues? Such visuals and conversations always amuse the listeners but at the end of the day they create problem in the party and ultimately in the society.
In fact, gossip about the Asia Pacific Peace conference has not cooled down as yet. Senior leaders from the ruling party are not satisfied by the response PM Oli has offered in several of his speeches. The PM is the kind of person who studies the issue well before presenting his views. In this issue also he tried his best to convince his very annoyed and critical comrades but they would not buzz. They even wanted the Oli government to apologise and come with the grain of truth. Also, their demands ranged from a detail book about the financial transaction liability and specific gain for Nepal in holding this unprecedented conference. As some have predicted, the issue of God, God’s daughter, high profiles seeking her blessings, Church and government cooperation on behalf of one school of a defamed Christianity and the Book keeping will remain in the memory of the people of Nepal.
Truth can remain hidden for some time but not always. The CPN Standing Committee meeting has created turbulence in the way leaders are for and against the UPF. One former PM is still insisting on the genuine nature of the organisation when the rest of the Christian world is denouncing the Daughter’s tall claim as well as the Church’s commercial network widely spread throughout the world (Kantipur Daily, Monday, December 24, 2018). It is difficult to understand why standing amidst strong dissatisfaction among his party comrades’ top leaders insist on the genuine profile of a foreign Missionary. People on the street say at least the current PM who represents the country’s profile abroad could spare himself from such criticisms. People are not too worried about the past ones.
In terms of high percent tolerance in corruption, Nepal occupies a top level posture globally. Kantipur Daily (Monday, December 24, 2018) has relevant reporting for us to consume. Another news this morning says – a Mr. Bakheri alias ‘Pappu’ of Iran, known as the Shah of Tar, is going to be hanged for his intolerable level of corruption in his clandestine construction spree. He took big scale loans from the banks and harmed the nation as well as the public. In a matter of days he will go. In our case the Bakheris not only go scot-free, they rule. They carry big shots in their pockets and smile.
When the traditional Nepali culture defined by the languages, ethnicity, arts, music, festivals and dances, among host of other feathers remain as non-priority sectors in the government policy and planning, the Culture of Corruption has crossed all levels to reach the top as Nepali Culture.
The level of corruption and the role of CIAA have been playing ‘hide and seek’ for a long time. Often we heard about ‘small’ fish and ‘big’ fish’. That chapter remained closed in a mysterious way. The one holding the big net disappeared after his tenure as the Chief. His successors see to be committed as professional fishermen but the outcome has always been negligible. Some fish were seen coming out of the red building covering their faces with toilet towels. That was an amusing scene for the Nepalis waiting anxiously for the real and trustworthy grain of Truth believing truth is only one and it appears after successful digging like a diamond piece in the African mines. Nepalis have not been that lucky to see this happen.
From the much talked about and too much read Nirmala Pant case, one could see many versions of truth – small truth, big truth, real and the actual truth, fabricated truth, and what not. Responsible government officials, including senior ministers have come to the media several times over and declared they found the truth. They declared, ‘Folks, we have the criminal at hand, it is a matter of few days (meaning only paper process remains to be declared), if not hours. We have reached there. Nepalis have seen the tide of time and its effects on the family. Nirmala’s father has been on mental roller-coaster. Who is going to take care of his family’s well-being once he collapses? Let us hope the Fifth inquiry committee will unearth new grains of Truth, for the last time ever and close the chapter for good.
Finally, Nepal’s new constitution, the way we settled armed conflict, the way people are always in support of what the government and the parties do, the way people showed their solidarity with the government in the local election and the federal structure at work, there is nothing people would ask for more than the smooth functioning of the government. Once the strong net of corruption is broken, there are golden days, years and ages ahead. Dear and humble Nepali People, what more would you aspire for?

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